Angels on Duty In-Home Care Services

Angels Safety Tips

Angels on Duty Inc. realizes that having a caregiver in your home can be intrusive, so we have put together the following list to ensure your comfort and safety.

In addition, we perform complete background checks on all employees, including employment references, drug screening, and criminal background checks. We are insured and bonded, and we take great pride in providing excellent care. If at any time an unforeseen situation arises, please feel free to speak with a supervisor at Angels on Duty Inc.



An emergency occurs.

Your Angel will call 911.

Your condition changes.

Your Angel will call the Angels on Duty supervisor.

You need pain medication.

Your Angel will notify the office; LPNs and RNs may administer your medications, but nurse aides can only remind patients to take their medications.

You wish to tip an employee.

Thanks, but our Angels are not permitted to accept tips. Small gifts are not necessary, but gifts valued $20 or less are allowed.

You need financial assistance.

Our Angels may not assist with your financial matters; please discuss these with your family.

You need cash.

Your Angel is not permitted to use your ATM card. Please do not share your PIN number with anyone other than family members.

You need help with errands.

Your Angel will run the errand and return with your receipt and change.

You wish to give your house key to the employee.

We have a hidden key policy, so there is no need to give your house key to your Angel.

You would like to go out in your car.

Your Angel may not drive you unless a transportation agreement has been obtained by the Supervisor.


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