Angels on Duty In-Home Care Services

The Angels Code of Conduct

Remember, you are a guest in the patient’s home. Treat them and their property with respect. Many situations will arise when you are in their homes; use your good judgment and the following these tips as a guide.
Clinical Situations:
Employee Should
Patient’s Condition changes
Contact Angels On Duty Supervisor
Emergency happens.
Call 911, then Angels On Duty.
Hospice Patient passes away.
Call Hospice Group & Angels On Duty Supervisor at appropriate time
Patient needs supplies.
Anticipate supply needs, do not run out of supplies.
Patient is in an unsafe environment
Contact Angels On Duty Supervisor, report suspected Abuse or Violence
Patient is abusive towards employee.
Contact Angels On Duty Supervisor
Financial Situations:
Employee Should
Patient wants to hire you privately.
You should only work for your patients when scheduled through Angels On Duty.
Patient wants to give you a tip.
Tell the patient that you are not allowed to receive tips.
Patient wants to give you a gift.
As long as the gift is of a nominal value($20.00) or less.
Patient wants to give you something.
Do not take any items from patient’s home.
Shopping with or for your patient
Keep all receipts in journal
Patient having trouble with checkbook
Financial matters are for family to discuss with patient.
Employee Social Situations:
Employee Should
Employee needs to make a phone call.
Refrain from using cell phone while at work.
Employee having personal problems
Do not discuss your personal problems with your patient.
If your relief doesn’t show up.
Call supervisor after 15 minutes. Only discuss staffing issues with supervisor, never patient.
Patient Social Situations:
Employee Should
Patient smokes, says “go ahead”
Smoking with your patient is prohibited.
Patient drinks, says “have one”
Drinking with your patient is prohibited on or off duty.
Patient offers you a bed to sleep in.
Sleeping is prohibited.
Patient doesn’t have a car, and needs to go somewhere
Never take a patient in your car, only in their car.
Dining out with patient
Never assume the patient will buy your lunch.
Patient wants to meet your children or family.
Never bring your children or family to work with you.
Patient wants your phone number
Do not give your phone number to your patient.
* These are not the only situations that may arise when with patients... when in doubt call a supervisor.
ornamental line
636-980-HALO (4256)  •  St. Louis: 636-294-WING (9464)
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